Saturday, 21 June 2014

Questions for Practice on "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge" by William Wordsworth

A. SAQ (Short Answer Questions):     (1 mark each & to be answered in a complete sentence each)
  1. When does the poet observe the beauty of London ?
  2. What kind of poem is “Composed Upon the Westminster Bridge”?
  3. How is the air of London in the early morning?
  4. Which river is mentioned in “Composed Upon the Westminster Bridge”?
  5. Why did he poet invoke God in the poem?
  6. What is called ‘mighty heart’ in the poem?
  7. What garment does the city of London wear?
  8. What is the city of London compared to by the poet?
  9. When was the poem written?
  10. What is described in the poem?
  11. “Dull would he be of soul ....” – Whom does the poet think ‘dull of soul’?
  12. How does the early sun beautify the valley, rock and hill?
  13. “And all that mighty heart is lying still.” – To whom does the poet compare the city of London here?
  14. “And all that mighty heart is lying still.” –Whose heart does the poet see lying still?
  15. “And bright and glittering in the smokeless air.” – Why is the air smokeless?
  16. Why does the poet say that ‘the river glideth at his own sweet will’?
  17. Why do all objects of the city look bright and shining?
B. DAQ (Descriptive / Analytical Questions):
     (5 marks each & to be answered in about 100 words each)
  1. How does the poet present London in the beauty of the morning?
    Or, How does Wordsworth describe the city of London in his poem “Composed Upon the Westminster Bridge”? 
  2. “The city now doth like a garment wear / The beauty of the morning; silent, bare.”—Explain the image contained in the lines. Or, Bring out the simile implied here.
  3. Describe how far the title of the sonnet, “Composed Upon the Westminster Bridge” is appropriate.
    Or, Write a note on the significance of the title of the poem “Composed Upon the Westminster Bridge”.
  4. How does Wordsworth use personifications in the poem, “Composed Upon the Westminster Bridge”?

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