Dear Well-wishers,

   You know that this charitable blog has been created to provide learners with necessary help and guidance to learn English language and study English literature in different levels. It has been kept ad-free and updated for the convenience of the users. The motto of this site is to spread education in English language and English literature all over the world.
But it is a fact that I have to bear some regular expenses for its maintenance and updating, internet charges, purchasing latest books, software, etc. Hence you are cordially requested to extend your helping hands towards this helpful blog. It is only your support that will help it remain ad-free and evergreen.

  So contribute any amount you like towards the development of this blog. Just follow the five simple steps given below to donate your amount.

With regards,
M Hasib
(Blog Writer & Devoleper). 


Five Simple Steps to Donate Your Amount :

Step 1 :

  • Go through the following steps carefully.
  • Click on the tab, "Go to Step 2 >>" given at the bottom of this page.
  • Wait for opening of a new window called "Mode of Sending Donation".

Step 2 :

  • Choose a payment service provider from the list given there and go for its details (Step 3).
  • Wait for opening of a new window based on your choice.

Step 3 :

  • Go through the details and choose a mode of payment suitable for you. 
  • Click on the tab, "Go to Step 4 >>" at the bottom of the page.
  • Wait for opening of a new window containing donation form.

Step 4:

  • Fill in the donation form and click on "Submit" button.
  • Wait for confirmation which will come on the same window.
  • Note down the account number and IFSC code or the address from there.

Step 5:

  • Finally, transfer/deposit your amount to the given account number.
  • Or send your money order/cheque/DD to the given address as soon as possible.

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