Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Para Teachers – 5 Days for School and One Day for Child Tracking

As per Order of the Government of West Bengal, School Education Department, Primary Branch, Bikash Bhavan, Salt-Lake City, Kolkata-700 091, vide Memo No. 18-SE(EE)/PTTI-7/11 Date: 09.01.2015, in partial modification of the order no. 886-SE(Pry) dated 16/11/2010 the following amendment is made in the order no. 886-SE(Pry) dated 16/11/2010.
Attendance and number of periods of Para teachers :
D (i) No of periods in school routine shall not exceed 20 in 5 days of a week where a para teacher attends school. However, stop gap classes may be allotted to para teachers as well under unavoidable circumstances, over and above 20 periods as stated above. On school days, the para teachers are to remain in school for the total schooling hours.
(ii) For the rest 1 (one) day when the para teachers are not attending school, but tracking children in the locality, they shall maintain a diary and need not sign the school attendance register. This work diary shall be placed to the HM/Head Teacher of the school every week with copy to the S.I./A.I. of the respective CLRCs.