Sunday, 6 July 2014

Revised rate of Cooking Cost under Mid-Day Meal Scheme

In continuation of memo no. 301(23)-ES(CMDMP)/Genl-11/2011 dated 15.05.2014, Shri N.N Barman, Project Director (MDM) & Joint Secretary, School Education Department, has proclaimed through his notice containing memo no.358(26)-SE(CMDMP)/Genl-11/2011 Date: 17.06.2014 that the rate of Cooking Cost per child per school day (PCPD) as provided by the Central Government and State Government has been revised with effect from 1st July, 2014, in the following manner:
Stage Total Cost Per Meal Contribution
Central State
Primary (Class I to V) Rs. 3.69 Rs. 2.69 Re. 1.00
Upper Primary (Class VI to VIII) Rs. 5.38 Rs. 4.04 Rs. 1.34
NCLP Rs. 5.38 Rs. 4.04 Rs. 1.34
All the Nodal Officers of Mid-Day Meal Scheme have been requested to take necessary action so that the revised rate of Cooking Cost takes effect from 1st July, 2014 positively. Cooking Cost will be allowed to schools on the basis of actual average attendance of children.
In this connection, it may be stated that the quantity of rice for Primary schools PCPD is 100 gms. and that of for Upper Primary and NCLP schools is 150 gms. This may be circulated to all concerned including schools.