Friday, 4 July 2014


Similarity existing between two different objects

Each of these similes is used in a sentence with 'as' before it. e.g. His hair is as black as coal.


ageless as the sun
alike as two peas
alone as Crusoe


beautiful as the sunset
big as an elephant
black as coal
brave as a loion
bright as a day
boundless as a sea
busy as a bee
brisk as a butterfly
bitter as a gall
blind as a mole
blithe as a bee


calm as death
candid as mirror
cheerful as a lark
cold as ice
cheap as dart
clear as crystal
cunning as fox


dark as night
dry as dust
deep as the sea
distant as the horizon
drink like a fish
drowned like a rat
dumb as a statue


easy as lying
empty as space
expensive as glory


fair/fresh as a rose
fast as mind/light/a hare
fat as a pig
free as air/a bird
fierce as a tiger


gay as a lark grave as a judge gentle as a lamb graceful as a fawn greedy as a wolf green as grass grey as a grave


happy as a child hard as steel/stone harsh as truth heavy as lead high as heaven/mountain hoarse as a crow hollow as a dream hungry as a hawk/horse hot as fire


ignorant as a child industrious as an ant invisible as the air


joyful as a fly


kind as consent


large as life lazy as a toad level as a pond light as air/a feather loud as a thunder


marry as spring mean as a miser mute as a fish mild as kitten


 natural as life new as day noiseless as a shadow nervous as a mouse


obstinate as a mule old as the hills open as a smile opposite as the poles


playful as a kitten pleasant as health poor as a church-house pretty as a picture proud as a peacock


quick as lightning quiet as a lamb/mountain quick as thought


rapid as lightning regular as sunrise round as O red as blood roar like a bull rough as stone rude as a bear


shameless as a sin sharp as a razor silly as a sheep sure as death sweet as sugar/honey silent as a grave simple as a child slow as a snail soft as butter sober as a judge solid as bricks straight as a candle strong as a horse swift as an arrow
stubborn as a mule


tender as tears timid as a hare tricky as a monkey true as the Gospel


ugly as sin unreal as a dream


vain as a peacock


warm as wool white as snow wasteful as a hen weak as a kitten/baby wet as a fish


young as dawn


zigzag as lightning
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