Saturday, 21 June 2014

Syllabus for the old session (2013-2014) of Class-XII [English B] under WBCHSE

Prose   [15 Marks]
  1. Rajam and Mani : R. K. Narayan
  2. Further Progress in Specialisation : Stephen Leacock
  3. Life at Mokameh Ghat : Jim Corbett
  4. Consequences of Environmental Plunder : Jean Dreze & Amartya Sen
Poetry  [15 Marks]
  1. The Moon : P. B. Shelley
  2. Nature : H. W. Longfellow
  3. Futility : Wilfred Owen
  4. Where the Mind is Without Fear : Rabindranath Tagore
Play  [15 Marks]
  • The Bishop’s Candlesticks : Norman Mckinnel
Textual Grammar   [15 Marks] [Transformation, joining and splitting of sentences, change of narration, use of articles and prepositions, Wh-questions, etc] Letter Writing  [10 Marks] [Official, personal, etc] ESP [English for Special Purpose]  [10 Marks]
  • Report Writing
  • Summary Writing
Comprehension Test [Unseen Prose]  [20 Marks] Total  [100 Marks]
Note: Find the texts in the TEXT page.

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